Masaki Kyomoto as Aoi Shingo - 葵新吾(京本政樹)新吾十番勝負



神奈川県横浜市生まれ 玉川大学文学部国際言語文化学科卒
詩人・高柳誠 日本文学ゼミで『三島由紀夫に見るナルシシスム~『仮面の告白』を中心に~』で卒業論文を執筆。

She / Her Based in Japan.
Born in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
Graduated from Tamagawa University
The graduation thesis on “Narcissism in Yukio Mishima “Confessions of a Mask” in the Japanese Literature Seminar of Makoto Takayanagi, a Poet.
Creates Painting based on the themes of aesthetics, decadence, and yin-yang, using Japanese beautiful men as motifs. She gives pop and contemporary expression to Historical dramas.
And also sends out messages overseas to tell people about the beautiful “Ninja” and the beautiful “Bikenshi”, a samurai almost unknown in the West.

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Dec.4-12 2021

Japanese Beautiful boy – Inheritance of Beauty”: Millennials portray Showa era star Okawa Hashizo and Kyomoto Masaki: Ginza Gallery Pied-nu.

・NECKY feat.STEAVIE「ALIVE」日本語詞編集 / Japanese lyric Edit.